Introducing Lacsnac

Embarking on the breastfeeding journey can be complicated and confusing. Enter Lacsnac™ a Mom-owned, women-led company that’s crafted to enhance the nursing journey for Moms everywhere. We took the unhealthy, highly-processed, lackluster lactation treats and crafted the exact opposite. We created products that would help Moms in a way that gave them confidence to conquer their nursing journey while giving them peace about what they were putting into their bodies — doing so in a delicious way. 

Clean, Researched Ingredients

Lacsnac came alive after thoughtful research and consultations with hospital administrators, doctors and lactation consultants as we prepared to rewrite the story of the life of a nursing Mom. 

When formulating our products, we knew Moms are mindful of what they put into their and their little ones’ bodies. Our proprietary blends of gluten-free whole foods and herbs were Mom-selected as each ingredient serves a specific purpose — plant-based natural energy which leaves you feeling good about the lactation-boosting products you use. We’ve replaced the lackluster, non-organic snacks with our crave-worthy lactation-boosting snacks.

Made Specifically for Mom

Our all-women team was determined to take the wealth of information we gathered and begin the journey to providing plant-based blends for Moms in a variety of delicious, simple products.

We began the search for the healthiest, milk-boosting ingredients AKA galactagogues, those superfoods that naturally help Moms in their effort to produce more breast milk in their nursing journey. Oats, flax seed, brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, spinach and broccoli combine to make our milk-making lineup. Our proprietary blend of thoroughly-researched galactagogues helps Moms through their journey of providing the healthiest breast milk to their little bundle of joy. Our line of lactation-enhancing snacks are gluten, dairy and GMO-free.

The Dream Comes Alive

After years of taste testing and quality assurance, we are proud and excited for you to boost your breastfeeding journey with our premium lineup of lactation-enhancing snacks that include Lactation Overnight Oats, Lactation Coffee, Soft-baked Lactation Cookies and Brownies. 

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