Best Lactation Cookies to Boost Breast Milk Supply

While breastfeeding is a journey some Moms are super excited to venture on, the journey can get cut short by one major problem: low milk supply. Eating lactation cookies is a super popular trick to boost breast milk supply. Cookies solve basically every problem. Lacsnac™ Lactation Cookie Cups are made with all-natural ingredients known to boost breast milk supply in nursing Moms. YAY! AND they're ready in under two minutes. That's right, mix, heat, and eat. No more of the bagged, tooth-cracking lactation cookies that have been sitting on those store shelves for like… ever. 

Lotsa Chocolate Lactation Cookie Cups

It doesn't get much better than this. Double chocolate chip cookies to boost your breast milk supply? Sign us up. These babies are gluten-free, dairy-free, fenugreek-free, GMO-free AND vegan. They almost sound too good to be true, we know. But they aren't. They come in 6-packs if you're looking to try them out, or in the beloved 12-packs if you can't get enough. This is the closest to a 6-pack we're getting this summer.


Chocolate Chip Bliss Lactation Cookie Cups

Who doesn't love a good, ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookie? We were so tired of the bagged, stale, premade lactation cookies that are literally everywhere, so we did something about it. The traditional golden chocolate chip cookie you think of when you think back to that childhood classic, but this time, packed with breast milk-boosting ingredients such as brewer's yeast, flax seed, and even a bit of spinach and broccoli!

S'mores Lactation Cookie Cups

A summer bonfire in your mouth. All. Year. Long. The breastfeeding alum behind this beloved creation suggests consuming two servings of any Lacsnac product for two days, then one per day throughout the nursing journey to maintain supply. Thanks to the all-natural galactagogues these babies have, you and your little one should see an increase in supply in three to seven days. Super easy to come home after a long day and make a breast milk-boosting snack in under two minutes.

However you feed your little one is best: whether that's pumping, breastfeeding, or formula feeding. Lacsnac can help you one bite, sip, or spoonful at a time if you're on the nursing journey. Contact us with any questions at Moms help each other, it's what we do.

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  • Best Lactation Cookies to Boost Breast Milk Supply

    Best Lactation Cookies to Boost Breast Milk Supply

    Enough of the tooth-cracking, bagged lactation cookies that have been sitting on store shelves for like... ever. Mix, heat & eat Lactation Cookie Cups are finally here.