A Breastfeeding Mom's Travel Guide

You mean no one told you how hard it was to travel with your new baby? It’s okay Mom, we gotcha! You are a master planner for all things baby, you can do this too!

First and most importantly, let's just plan that nothing will go according to plan! If you and baby end up traveling to a not-so-baby-friendly location, knowing in advance that that might happen will make you even more prepared for any outcome. Whether you have a mini-weekend visiting family on the agenda or your first week-long trip with a little one; a little planning goes a long way. 

Start with a checklist, cross it off as you go and always pack extra diapers because well  -  you know why.  If you cover the essentials your little one will have exactly what they need, even without all the comforts of home. On that list, be sure to include something you don’t want to substitute like your own breast pump. If something isn’t really that important to you, reduce your packing and planning stress by leaving it out this time.  Remember, as a breastfeeding mom, what you eat your little one eats as well - don’t forget to nourish yourself during this journey. Our Lacsnac moms love the portability of our lactation cookies and brownies, so leave a little room in the diaper bag for your treats too.  This will keep you on track to maintain your milk supply, even if the trip gets a little stressful. If you are traveling alone don’t hesitate to ask for help. We have been in your shoes, sometimes even a knowing glance at another mom will queue her to lend a hand! 

Now that you have a handle on the planning of your little one’s first trip, you can spend the travel time creating endless memories that will last forever! Happy travels Mom!

Lactation Love, 



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